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shower nudes

Taking Nudes In Shower? Try These Tips For Better Results

Photographing your naked body while water dripping from the shower may sound scary, but it doesn't need to be. Almost every man has started to grow fond of watching naked women in the shower. Water dripping from the naked body of hot girls works great for seducing men in the best possible way. 

However, not every girl has the expertise in taking perfect nude shots in the shower. But there are a few things you can try to take perfect nude pictures in the shower. Some of these tips are detailed here to help you take those perfect Shower Nudes, exposing the best of your figure and body. 

  • - Try taking Picture In The Morning.

If your shower has glass windows to let the sunlight through, then morning is the best time for you to take nudes. The natural sunlight in the morning will make your body shiny, and you will look like a naked mermaid waling out of the shower. However, you can also use strong lighting and a diffuser lens or reflector on your camera. Taking pictures in the morning answers questions like how to send nudes in the shower. 

  • - Before Showering

No matter how good the lighting is, in a shower, the steam can obscure any lines you want to capture or cause your booboos or figure to look weird and unruly. To avoid this, try taking some shots pre-shower to avoid all the fuzziness of a wet body. No longer have you had to worry about how to take shower nudes. You will see that your body features will strike more intriguing after getting wet in the shower. But pre-shower nudes also have their value in terms of sharpness and smoothness of your skin. 

  • - Add Flower Petals to Your Bath Tub

Flower petals in a bathtub can create a serene and soft atmosphere for your nudes. There are all sorts of different petals you can use, so experiment! Use nude-colored flower petals to match your skin tone for a subtle touch. Flower petals and nude women in shower make for a perfect combination. If you want to create a scenic effect, you can add some candles by the bathtub. The warm and pale light of candles will make your skin glow, and your body features will strike more boldly.  

  • - Use Strong Natural Lighting

The sun is free, and it's the perfect shade for showing off your body. You can analyze the different light effects created by it in the morning and evening. If you have glass windows in your house, you can certainly get perfect shots during the golden hours of the day. Make sure your bathroom setting is set to make the perfect use of natural light to make your pictures more appealing. 

Shower nudes work great in seducing men and creating a perfect erotic feeling. Whether you want more shower nudes or enjoy watching hot girls in the shower, you can visit OurFlirt. They have some of the best collections of shower nudes on their page. 

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