10 Rules of Seduction

Tony Clink’s ‘The Layguide’  is one my favourite PUA manuals.  We don’t get a biography of Clink’s life but we do get short and to the point advice that is clearly laid out and easy to digest and apply.  Early on in the book, Clink sets out the ‘10 rules of seduction’ that every PUA should master as soon as possible and I’m going to list them here as every one, if followed, will improve your game.  In the book, each rule is followed by a comprehensive explanation which I’ve tried to boil down to a single sentence or two. I would recommend you buy the book, its one of the few essential PUA guides out there in my opinion.

1 : Always Be in Control

of yourself, of the situation, and of the woman.  You are a confident, powerful male.

2 : Be the Alpha Male

Stand out from the crowd.  Project the image of being a powerful, dominant, authoritative male

3 : Look Your Best…Always

Be comfortable with the way you look and always be well groomed…you never know when you will want to game.

4 : Be Confident

The most important trait of the Alpha Male.  Don’t worry about if you are good enough for the girl, ask yourself if the girl is good enough for you and repeat the mantra ‘I am the best thing ever to happen to this girl’.

5 : Always Have the Right Mind-set

Always be positive and always be ready to game.

6 : Worship the Three Second Rule

The most important rule – after making eye contact with the girl, you have no more than 3 seconds to approach..dwell any longer and she will assume you are a pathetic beta male.

7 : Never Be a Nice Guy

You don’t have to be a jerk, but you do have to be a masculine, sexual guy who knows what he wants.

8 : Never Go on a Date

Only date women who have already slept with you.  Your goal is sex not romance.

9 : Learn to Love Rejection

Learn from rejections and don’t take them personally.  There could be a 1,000 reasons for each rejection, none of them to do with you.

10 : There’s Always Another Woman

Never get obsessive with one woman.  You are putting all your eggs into one basket and, anyway, a woman doesn’t respect a man who appears to need her.

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