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Approaching an attractive woman is never easy for a man. There is a split second where you realize there is a hot woman in front of you – maybe you make eye contact, or you simply just can’t resist the curves and beautiful hair from the corner of your eye.

In that crucial moment there are a million emotions flying through your head. It’s almost paralyzing. That’s why it’s best to not get caught off guard. If you’re not ready for that moment, you’ll over think the entire interaction.

It’s best to already be in the mindset. If you set out to pick up girls you’ll never be caught off guard. You’ll come prepared. Remember what it was like to study for a big test in school? It takes planning, memorization, and hard work, and in the end if you study the right way, and are honest about how effectively you learned the material, you’ll naturally succeed on the test.

Approaching women is no different. Come prepared, and be ready. One way to do this effectively is to know how to approach women without being flat our rejected. You need to have an approach and exit plan. If you dont’ have an exit plan, you’ll be stuck in the mud.

That’s why approaching on the street is one of the best ways to test the waters without too much risk. Approaching from the side, and walking side by side with your target is one of the best techniques. In this scenario you never stop moving, keep the energy flowing, and it’s easy to peal away. There may be an intersection up ahead, if the interaction isn’t going well, you can just peel away and walk a different direction and say “take care”. No harm no foul.

On the other hand, if the interaction is going well, an intersection in the street represents a moment of truth where you ask for the digits. Remember, you never want an interaction to go too long, especially a first impression. The more you talk the less chance you have of getting the number, so keep it short and sweet. 90 second interactions are most effective.
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