Steve Harvey Calls BS On Charity Lawsuit

Steve Harvey

Calls BS on Charity Swimsuit

The man who fits me is a Huckster

2/9/2018 four:43 PM PST


Steve Harvey says the man who sued him for a huge fee for a Harvey charity is a cheater.

Harvey simply filed courtroom paperwork Vincent Dimmock He claimed that he had made a take care of Harvey in April to boost $ 20 million, and in return, he was promised 12.5% ​​of all the things what he cashed. He says he had a bunch of A-Lister aboard and even a former president … with pledges totaling $ 20 million

Harvey calls BS and says that Dimmock initially dropped out to get an power drink and Harvey says Dimmock panned and falsely instructed him he had a billionaire in his pocket. Who would make investments rather a lot in Harvey's charity?

Steve says he truly flew to Austin to meet the billionaire, and it rapidly turned clear that the Dimmock man didn’t know in any respect. Harvey says that neither the billionaire nor anybody else related to Dimmock has invested a penny in any of his ventures.

Harvey says that your entire charade was a part of a plan for Dimmock to meet him.

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